Emily Burgess ~ Slab Productions: January 2018


Emily Burgess entertained a focused audience at Slab Productions on Rubidge Street last night; with her guitar skills, humour and modesty.  

It is amazing to see a young woman with such talent;  entertain a small audience with such panache and self-confidence,  all the while maintaining a young fresh approach to songwriting and vocals.  Her harmonies with The Brown Brothers were subtle and thoughtfully choreographed and their humour was contagious.

The live show is so authentic and entertaining because of the possibility of exploring the unknown.  The audience is participating throughout the presentation with their own quips, laughter and reaction.  This authenticity is the main ingredient in the success of the SLAB production events.  You never know what is going to happen.  It is such a treat and a diversion from the predictable experience of movies and “over rehearsed” grammy presentations that can leave you cold.

The second ingredient for success is the enthusiasm of its producer Phil Connor and the attention to detail orchestrated by his wife Yvonne.  These winter concerts offer the community some respite from the everyday, especially in the winter; and are a joy in our lives.


Need I say more.  Thanks everyone for a wonderful winter evening.


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