Canadian Ski Day

I went to the ski hill in my nice big red truck by myself!    I didn’t have to put my skis on the roof or hold them on the front seat hoping they weren’t going to crash through the window.  I didn’t have to figure out how to use the rooftop ski rack ~ just stash them in the back ~ awesome.  I love my truck.  Big Red gives me an incredible amount of freedom, she’s like taking Ben into the woods and knowing I am safe.  I feel really safe.

The simple act of going by myself gave me a wonderful day of contemplation, exhilaration and peace.   I was able to truly appreciate the feeling of skiing ~ wind in my face, sunshine and breathing in that lovely Canadian Winter air.  It was amazing to be completely by myself on a ski hill for the first time in my life ~ I felt so free.  The other thing that amazes me is how if you have ever skied before in your life and you are still healthy enough to do it (fingers crossed), it is just like riding a bike!  Who knew? And the other thing is, your brain is triggered by the speed in a way that reminds me of being a kid.  It makes me happy.

I have gone skiing several times this winter and even though I am only skiing in Ontario it just doesn’t matter.  Some of the hills around here are considered, “boring” mostly by individuals who haven’t skied in a decade or more.  When you get out there and have all the right equipment and an awesome warm ski suit ~ you can’t beat it.

The only thing is that everyone wears helmets now!  “Oh no!” I thought, “Not another expense!”  That is the biggest problem with skiing.   I have tried to keep up with all the changes over the years and there have been many times when I was ready to just not buy those new ski boots ~ but I did.  And I am so glad I did because if not, I really doubt that I would feel confident enough to do that now…….. But,  I already own all that stuff so I bought myself a kickass helmet and the best goggles I’ve ever owned.

And, I thought about Brian Bennett.  My dear dear friend who skied with me everywhere I ever went ~ we went on every school trip, I got a station wagon so we could skip school and drive up to Moonstone; we went on a crazy student organized trip to Mount Ste. Anne where we both agreed we should have shared a room instead of putting up with some of the crazy behaviours of our teen room mates!  Brian was sensible and a good friend.  We went to Banff in grade 12 and had to take 2 other people with us only because we didn’t feel comfortable sharing a room.  We both agreed we would have been better off – the couple we were with broke up on the holiday!! Yowser.  But, we just skied and ignored the complete drama – every day we skied and sometimes didn’t even go to the chalet for lunch because we were too afraid to miss one minute.  I’m glad we felt that way because I have never been back to Banff and my dearest friend Brian is no longer alive.  I thought about him a lot that day on the chair lift and I thanked him for our tremendous friendship.

I am hoping to get out on the hill as many more times as possible before the snow stops driftin’.



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