Santa Comes to Rich Kids

But, he also came to you, me, my friends, family…

And, times they are a’changing

The times are changing so fast that


most of us are not keeping up.


Oh yeah.  We try.   We definitely believe me know.  Because we were empowered.

We are Still empowered.

Weren’t we?  Were we?  Aren’t we?

Should we have been.


Equality Responsibilty.  Equitable Christmas.

No kid showing up January 4th telling me their Christmas sucked.  Telling me their Dad yelled, their mum was sad.  Not about presents.  And believe you.  they tried their very hardest but,


the wall

of Commercialism

they Could not help but fail.

Need to help.

We need to help.

No,  the world need s to change.

Governments need to think about CHILDREN.  KIDS.

They are the future.

You/We. I will be long gone.

But, they will still be here.  with heartache and pain unimaginable because

there was no thought put into their future.

The future is the need.  Stop talking about the past and your troubles.

These kids have troubles ten times ours EVER WAS.

Be kind to the future and the earth.

Oh…..Oh ……………….oh ya…..Tamarind Mem,  Yoshis Camooron,

We can’t even pronounce your names.



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