Don’t think the 70’s can be compared to now

So housing prices are skyrocketing as the flaming Baby Boomers cash in on their real estate and move to lakeside properties or worse…maybe a second house in the Caribbean ~ and then they buy a luxury car and a boat.


Worse yet, they pretend that they somehow earned this luck.  that they worked harder and smarter…never considering  the hardship of so many young people today who have paid for university, worked a minimum wage job, worked two jobs……and still can’t ever think about buying a house unless their parents throw in a few hundred thousand… Maybe, they even have a doctorate, but still can’t get a job.  You want to see change?


Just keep it up and make the bar so high that even two young people earning six figure salaries cannot afford to live in the GTA.  I gotta tell ya ~ I ran fast from the GTA even in the late seventies because I always thought to myself,  “I’d rather shovel shit in Parry Sound, Walkerton, or Northern Ontario,  than get on a subway every day at 6:30 a.m. to get to work in the Big Smoke.”  I meant it.


so now, I have to watch my children and my grandkids try to navigate this extreme ridiculous housing crisis.  Yes, “HOUSING CRISIS”.  How is paying 1.2 million dollars for a bungalow  in GTA a good idea ~ for anyone??  GREED.  that makes me crazy.  We better get a handle on this unsustainable situation if we want to see our communities prosper and survive.

Please don’t compare this to the seventies when my mum could work as a nurse and my Dad could do a  number of different jobs and live on Felicity with a pool in the backyard and schools within walking distance and a lifestyle of pretty decent calm and happiness.

We always ate as a family around the dining room table and many weekends most of us were home.  Sure mom and dad both worked but, they went out ever Saturday night and they bought a cottage.  Families in Toronto won’t be able to buy food if the housing crisis doesn’t change.


Just sayin’


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