Winter Storm

The ice pellets started today about two in the afternoon and the wind began to howl.  The wipers on the car froze almost solid as we skirted slowly down the highway.  I was so happy to be in the company of my daughter and two grandsons.  I was really pleased that they came here for a few days as they complete some house renovations.  Every time we get this opportunity to spontaneously enjoy their company,  I am always so grateful to live so close to them.  I love being followed around the house by my grandchildren and feel so blessed to be able to read to them and listen.  They fill my cup with so much joy.

I had the same experience with our grand daughters on the weekend and I can understand now why my grandmother wanted to live with us.  I called her Nanny Topping and we were all very close to her.  She was a calming force in a life filled with uncertainties and sometimes worry as we navigated the 1970’s social scene.  She lived with us every other year and life was always different when she was present.

The distant hill through our kitchen window was shrouded by clouds and threatening precipitation early this morning and I was woken up just as dawn approached – I was given this wonderful opportunity once again to spend some really lovely time with Finn.  We just spent two weeks together;  all of us, on a vacation in Costa Rica and those fine moments have definitely made us all appreciate each other.  Finn is comfortable with us and we share a lot of laughs.  It is so nice to see our daughters doing such a great job of parenting!  Parenting is really hard!  It is a real accomplishment when you can teach your children so much every day and really pay attention to them.  I love watching this happen.  It makes me feel so good and so happy to see both our daughters trying so hard to be good parents.

We made cookies and popcorn and Finn sat in front of my aquarium and gave me a play by play about all the fish and the snails.  Wow.  This was a great day.


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