the 1%

“The 1% should be able to ride this out for our lifetimes, our childrens lifetimes and our grandchildren and great grand childrens lifetimes. We owe them nothing.”

Al Black

If I wasn’t rankled by this fantastic piece of wisdom, I figure I better throw in the towel. Right now. I mean really. Maybe you should read it again. And then pause. for a minute, a few seconds….I did. I read it again, twice.

Sage honesty and uninhibited insight just might be our saving grace.

In a time where right and left wing extremists are diligently slaying one another with their misspent fake news, exaggerated outcomes and transparent stupidity….the 1% are smiling. How perfect. “They are playing right into our hand.” they say. ” I didn’t like them anyway.”

“We can pit each group against the other, and ensure that no alliance can be formed between them………….then we can go about the real business of ensuring our prodigy.” said .005% to.03%.

“We won’t wantonly hasten their demise……….. but really.”

“let’s face it.”

“that should be easy.”

Photo by Joshua Miranda on

Stay tuned for more from “The House on The Hill” during a Pandemic……


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