It’s Not In the Headline

Through the eyes of a child, might we find the truth.

Ever since Donald Trump appeared on the scene, there has been an increase in lies, deceit and fake news – He thinks his ratings are better than an NFL Football game. Any news story can be manipulated, edited and headlined; to focus on divergent themes that were not the Author’s intent. Headlines have always been attention seeking, but never exaggerated beyond belief.

To make matters worse, it is pretty obvious to me, that many of us rarely read an article to completion, we skim through the tricky bits and certainly need more time for reflection before writing our own hasty response. Do we start thinking of our own response before we are even half way through the article?

Lately, I have become more diligent and careful with my understanding of posts, news and updates. Often I may get so riled up about an issue; or emotional about a decision being made by a politician; and look out!!! I can’t help myself — I am on a writing rampage.

My personal experience with headlines and knee jerk reflections have developed because of the time we are living in. My critical thinking skills need a boost.

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With the Covid Virus Pandemic in full swing, it is easy to become trigger happy with your thoughts and words. Because emotions are running high, I have found myself posting more on Facebook than usual – recently, I was furious with Stephen Lecce’s decision to make teachers write a third term report card and teach kids on line. I was fortunate enough to have some patient friends who understood my frustration. I really enjoy the honesty I am seeing on Facebook from many people I can trust and whom I respect. I love it when my “Conservative Blue Friends”, add their influence to my leftist posts. I always learn something. Is it not important to listen to each other and try to walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes?

Stephen Lecces’ outrageous interview with CBC news and later Steve Paikin on “The Agenda” was enough of a distraction that I awoke at 5 a.m. and found myself tweeting on his ridiculous idea #LearningFromHome. Now, if you look at the headline he would propose the story would purport to “Ease the responsibilities that parents are facing and put more onus on teachers…” He couldn’t be more wrong.

For starters, Stephen studied Political Science and has never been a teacher. Not ever. He attended an elite private school, St. Michael’s in Toronto, is 33 years old and knows NOTHING about children. His idea that students be given a third term report card this year, and complete online learning, is nothing short of ludicrous and may in fact be very difficult for high risk families. When asked by Steve Paikin how he thought a Kindergarten Teacher could implement online learning to 30 kindergarten kids, he actually tried to answer the question! You have to hear it to believe it.

Probably 90% of kids do not have access to their own computer at home and if they do have a home computer, it is very likely that their parents are using it. The 10- 20% who do have computers are already in the privileged group of learners and likely don’t even need home schooling. Kids do not need a report card in a Pandemic. Parents do not need the added frustration of trying to teach fractions to their kids. We all need love, understanding and compassion. Kids need somebody to pay attention to them and they need to be in a non-abusive situation. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that many families are in dire straits and it is very likely that they are teetering on the edge of sanity some days. Parents are young! This Pandemic is scary. Give them some money. Don’t give them grief.

Stephen Lecce needs to be told, “Why don’t you help parents and families in need, with some cold hard cash. Why don’t you drive around in your car and see what’s going on? Why don’t you respects teachers for a change and realize that they also have small children at home – not to mention the threat of an incredibly virulent strain of flu!” Mr. Lecce, you are not acting in the best interests of parents, children or teachers.

If you agree, tweet Stephen Lecce. He needs to hear the truth.

A good headline on the front of the latest rag might read: “Education Minister Easing Parental Responsibility”. What a crock.


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