Finer Details

Experiences in our lives shape how we feel, what we think, how we react and navigate life’s river…sunsets, moments of  joy, sorrowful deaths all combine in a cocktail of life that remains intangible,  but so full of substance – how can we ever explain.  I want to.  I want to understand – speak clearly  stay humble but,  shut up.  Don’t dictate, appreciate.

Certain moments speedily diminish into a memory that we strain to remember and somehow cannot grasp in their entirety ~ remember.  REMEMBER.

Microscopic lens on the realities of a life ~ tears and pain; smiles and youthful breath..breathing life into our offspring,  holding.  holding.  trying. trying..

The moment you know your children.  You think you believe in them and their attention.  Attention to the microscopic details of life.  The tiny bits that make up the most important part.   explain?  please don’t.  DO NOT!!

Haste,  slowme down.   listen. listen. listen.  stop. stop.stop.stop.pause.pause.pause. listen.  I love to listen.  Finally.  Watching their lives and loving the time.




One thought on “Finer Details”

  1. Finer details indeed.

    Listening with an open heart. Not trying to solve problems…that’s the challenge. Praying for them to make the right decisions for themselves.

    Slowing down to absorb the experiences in a way that builds memories, both good and bad. Enjoying each ingredient in the cocktail for what it is, a part of a wonderful whole life.

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